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July 27, 2016

Gradual – Industry EP – FREE DOWNLOAD!!!!

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Release: 26th July 2016 It hasn’t taken long for Alerstorm and Ice Stereo to establish their neuro-tinged Gradual guise as one of Technique Recordings’ heavy hitters. Having introduced themselves to the label with some dark and techy flavours, they were last seen on the Summer 2016 compilation bringing the more sunlit vibe of “Falling Pieces”. So, we know they’ve got multiple facets to their style, which makes this EP a…

Omission Mastering launches new service

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Omission Mastering is a brand new service, already gaining a customer basis of the elite within the Drum & Bass scene. Originally known as SNR Mastering, linked to Sliced Note Recordings this service has been re-established for 2016 with a team offering cleaning, mastering and making your tracks stand out in a very competitive market. Take it from us, a good mixdown and solid mastering can me the difference between heavy…