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April 19, 2017

Andy C Drops New Single For Ram Records

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‘WHAT BASS’ WILL BE RELEASED 28 APRIL   Built for the rave and forthcoming on Ram Records, Andy C’s ‘What Bass’ has been roadtested during his 13 week XOYO residency, and was given its first radio play on his Beats 1 show. This dancefloor-ready cut is the first new music from Andy C since 2016’s ‘New Era’, and will precede a new single for Atlantic Records later this year.   With…

Frankee – Nobody Cares

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Drum & bass producer Frankee began his DJing career at one of the most prestigious drum & bass record labels dance music had to offer. Ram Records enlisted the budding producer following his consecutive releases on their sister imprint Program, known for pushing the grittiest sounds the underground pedestalled. However, following his ascent and worldwide tours on the club circuit, Frankee has pushed his undeniably heavyweight production standard into every…

Betafuture releases ‘Parallax’

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Ever since we were kids we always wondered if there is intelligent life beyond Earth. Are there any other civilizations, different from the human race? Is their technology as advanced as ours? After millions of years of progress, an alien civilization could travel through space and visit other solar systems and planets. Maybe they are coming… Maybe they are long gone… Hello… Is anybody out there? Get Parallax Here  …