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April 21, 2017

WAS A BE – Brainstorm EP

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The hotly tipped Italian duo Was A Be follow up last year’s brilliant ‘Blind EP’ with what’s not only their first release of the 2017 but also their first release since signing exclusively with Shogun Audio. The incredible ‘Brainstorm EP’ follows suit with fours tracks of future D&B spanning half-time to hybrid 4/4 bass music. Sure to raise eye-brows, Was A Be are here to stay. “This release has been…

Renegade Hardware – The Final Chapter: Horsementality

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“Horsementality state of mind. Forward ever, backwards never…” Horesementality – The Horsemen: Loxy & Ink – original Hardware family. Together they spawned a style and sound that would eventually come to epitomise Renegade Hardware. Instantly recognisable, it’s roots are firmly placed in the world of drums and unbridled darkness. Along with fellow Horsemen cohorts, the likes of Gremlinz, Skitty & Phobia, they have managed to keep this unique sound well…

MOBY – Drum & Bass Remixes

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Called upon by the iconic Moby to parallel his current ‘Porcelain’ memoirs, Shogun are proud to present the official drum & bass remix EP of some of his most successful music. A huge fan of the label, Moby’s place in popular music culture around the world is undeniable and being chosen to create the D&B Remix EP has been an enormous privilege.     “I’m honoured that Moby has chosen…