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October 8, 2017

Noisia’s Thijs (aka Thys) Releases Experimental Score For Dutch Contemporary Dance Collective

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Noisia’s Thijs De Vlieger is part of one of the world’s most respected electronic music groups (headliners at Roskilde, Reading, NASS, Dour, Glastonbury and many more this summer). His debut solo release ‘Tetris Mon Amour’ is a studio version of a score he wrote for a commission by the acclaimed Dutch contemporary dance collective Club Guy & Roni. The video for the project has now been released via Noisia’s YouTube channel…

Brookes Brothers – Flashing Lights

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Hot on the heels of their first single, ‘Movin’ On’, the Brookes Brothers are back with another new track off their upcoming ‘Orange Lane’ LP. Reminding us once again of the high quality content the brothers are capable of, ‘Flashing Lights’ combines soulful, upbeat vocals with the jazz-infused beats that have become the trademark sound of the brothers. ShezAr and Bossman Birdie lend their vocal talents, giving us both soulful…