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October 23, 2017

Anodyne Industries – Tears Glitter // The Altar

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With LCKD012, Lockjaw’s boutique and quietly pioneering imprint introduces the experimental, IDM-tinged sounds of ANODYNE INDUSTRIES to the label catalogue. With this finely crafted pair of tracks, AI weave between fields both melodic and concisely penetrative – designed for the conscious dancefloor. TEARS GLITTER LIKE BROKEN GLASS is carried nostalgic plucked synths that bathe the aural canals in the hazy glow of a distant dystopia and a rolling autonomic attitude…


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After 10 years of writing and releasing music, Levela has spent the last 18 months putting together his first album project in the shape of the –GENESIS- LP. -GENESIS- takes inspiration from all corners of the drum’n’bass scene and is interpreted in Levela’s unique and hard hitting manor of which listeners are a custom to. From the atmospheric and epic intros of “Koodana”, “Brobots” and “Concrete Walls” to the smooth…