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March 10, 2018

Cyantific – Body Movin’ (feat. ShockOne)

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Cyantific is a name that has been at the pinnacle of the drum & bass scene for well over a decade. From his legendary 2006 album ‘Ghetto Blaster’ on Hospital Records, to releases on Ram, Critical, and his own imprint CYN Music, Cyantific has been at the forefront of the Drum & Bass scene for the past 15 years. Since bringing his signature sound to the Viper Recordings team in…

Coppa: ‘Poetry In Motion’ ALBUM

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On first look at Coppa’s ‘Poetry in Motion’ LP, the amount of collaborative artists featured on its track listing is intimidating. Although this can only be expected from an artist who’s spent his time across the full spectrum of drum & bass, whilst playing a host of festival stages and shows worldwide. Primarily though, he’s dedicated himself to the music, which has seen him garner a fan base within his…