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April 4, 2018

Akov – The Initiation EP

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Bad Taste Recordings presents AKOV’s first instalment in the realm of concept album: The initiation paints a haunting vision of the future where dystopian society has embraced a one world religion in the form of Virtual Reality. The priests or “Seers” of this religion replace their hearts with an undying bionic counterpart that enables them to be permanently plugged into the virtual world, which in its unattainable perfection is referred…

A.M.C & Turno: Alliance EP

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Few drum & bass collaborations have enjoyed such turbo acceleration and authentic momentum in recent years as that of A.M.C and Turno. Since colliding from two seemingly disparate sides of the scene on A.M.C’s Titan in late 2016 they’ve ricocheted from insane high to insane high: from launching to a sold out Ministry Of Sound to remixing DC Breaks via last year’s scene shattering ‘Ice Cold’, the duo’s on-point, energetic…