First starting of our official and best Drum & Bass albums run down is the mighty Hospital Records with Sick Music 2018!! The page will be updated continuously throughout the year to bring you the best Drum & Bass Albums 2018.


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  1. Hi.. I’m Aaron ford aka 4D. One third of the trio of drum and bass producers, consisting of myself, conrad subs and j.o.e. Who together Co run triplicate audio. Was basically just reaching out to ask you if you would like to be on our promo list and receive all our releases completely free two weeks before official release! All we ask in return is any type of promo, support or feedback you have time to give us. If you’re interested drop us your email. In the meantime check out our website.
    Peace out!
    4D aka Aaron ford
    Triplicate audio

    • I’ll give you feedback.
      I remember when D&B crawled out the swamp that was hardcore.

  2. No one heard the Bloscjs & Escher album? Not a wet pop chart tune in sight….

  3. Would love some promos

  4. Hello, my name’s Doug, I’m a guitarist and I love Drum N Bass. If any of you ever need a guitarist for a track, by all means, let me know. My forte is metal and ‘shred’, but I can string some jazz chords together as well. My faves are Pendulum, DJ Marky, DJ Hazard, Villem & McLeod, Cyantific, that kinda vibe.



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