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Founded in 2012, BNCExpress is the lovechild of one Italian couple serious about drum & bass. An independent label with strong family values, BNCExpress don’t adhere to any one specific sound – rather, their strength comes from a string of high quality releases from names that have since grown to be a well-known part of the scene. In just five years’ time, the label has had over one hundred releases, and birthed talents such as Kiril, Jazzatron, Crimson, Akrom, and more.

With an initial focus on grooming local producers into international talents, and without focusing on any one specific subgenre, BNCExpress has been able to grow from strength to strength over the past five years leading up to this monumental release.

Now, some of the brightest names from the all corners of the globe have come together for the illustrious Bounce compilation: a selection of the 15 bestsellers released during 2017 (the year of their 100th release) as well as 5 VIPs, 2 remixes, and two brand new exclusives.

BNCExpress draws strength from releasing tunes across the diverse spectrum of the genre, and is being seen more and more as a real hub for aspiring artists. Without hindering artists’ creative processes in any way, the label has given birth to a vast array of raw, genuine music that is perhaps some of the most powerful in the game. With a foundation built on artistic freedom, each release is nothing short of refreshing, always pushing for something new.


“BNCexpress is also about providing a means for upcoming artists to express themselves freely and develop their passion and sounds – all the artists involved share the common view that paying too much attention to sub-genres is unproductive and musically limiting.” – Ilaria, co-founder

BNCExpress is more than a label. It’s a never ending drum and bass symposium. 

The BOUNCE compilation, released December 15th by the label, is a thorough collection exploring every corner of the drum & bass universe. With soulful liquid rollers, gritty neuro bangers, old school jungle vibes, adrenaline-full dancefloor tunes and everything in between, BOUNCE represents the diversity and talent that make the drum & bass scene so special.

Released 15th December


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