Brighton Music Conference (BMC18) announces 5th Birthday parties and events 25-28 April


  • BMC Official Parties include Eats Everything at Take; Drum & Bass Arena presents Friction; and Craig Richards at Patterns.
  • Other BMC events include Hacienda Classical with Graeme Park; Franky Rizardo, Anotr and Waze & Odyssey at Wonderland; Wiggle’s 24th Birthday Party; Alex Niggeman, Alice Clark, Timo Garcia at Berlin, GreenDoorStore on Friday, and BMC & LNADJ charity event on Saturday 27th
  • Network events with AFEM, PRS For Music with Tru Thoughts, Hospital Records, Focusrite/Novation with Alex Arnout, Skiddle, Data Transmission, Sharp Stream and Horus Music.
  • UK’s foremost electronic music conference returns for fifth anniversary year at Brighton Dome and various venues on 25th & 28th April 2018.





Brighton Music Conference has confirmed the official parties and networking events for the fifth anniversary of the UK’s leading electronic music conference.


This year’s BMC Official Fifth Birthday Parties include Eats Everything at Take (Thursday 26th April), Drum & Bass Arena presents Friction at Patterns (Friday 27th April), BMC & LNADJ charity party at Bau Wow with Alex Banks and Steve Mac, and legendary fabric resident Craig Richards at Patterns (Saturday 28th April).


Other BMC events include Wiggle’s 24th Birthday Party with Nathan Coles, Terry Francis, Eddie Richards, Magnus Asberg, Kristo & Eli K at Bau Wow, and Alex Niggeman, Alice Clark, Timo Garcia, Monica, Pook and Markus Saarlander at Berlin, GreenDoorStore on Friday; Hacienda Classical Evening with Graeme Park at Komedia; Franky Rizardo at Wonderland at The Arch; and Drum Safari at Hideout on Saturday.


This year’s networking parties include AFEM’s official BMC launch party at Tempest on Wednesday; Data Transmission at Hotel Pelirocco; Novation/Focusrite with Alex Arnout at Block; PRS For Music networking party with Tru Thoughts & J-Felix; Horus Music with Seamus Haji at Tempest on Thursday; Skiddle & AudioLock with Just Her & These Machines; Hospital Records at Dead Wax with DJs Chris Goss, Dexta and Matti Limitless, and SharpStream with Timo Garcia, Steve Whittle and Zoe Zoe at Block.


18.00 – 23.00                                                                                                                                                                 

Sharp Stream networking party with DJ’s Timo Garcia, Steve Whittle and Zoe Zoeon Friday.


Ahead of the two-day conference schedule (Thursday 26th and Friday 27th April) at the Brighton Dome, the annual AFEM Networking & BMC Welcome Drinks returns to The Tempest on Wednesday April with DJs from 6pm – 10.30pm; the most popular music business event at BMC is invite only and brings together BMC Professional attendees, leading industry figures, conference speakers and panellists.


Focusrite/Novation will host the BMC demonstration igloo for 2018. Focusrite, the best-selling audio interface brand together with keyboard and DJ hardware and software creator Novation are running 10 seminars across 2 days including ‘Hitting the Stage – performing studio-based productions live on stage’ with CALC; ‘Composition and processing technique’ and ‘Mix and arrangement Exploration’ with UK trance artist James Dymond (Armada/Future Sound); ‘State of the Art Synthesis’ with East End Dubs; and Standing out from the crowd – Mashup technique with South of the Stars’ on Thursday. Friday’s demonstrations include ‘Live By Design’ with Alex Jann; ‘Create, Capture and Arrange’ with Alex Arnout and more tbc. Focusrite/Novation will be hosting a networking event at Block, 6pm – 11pm on Thursday 26th April, with Alex Arnout, Alex Jann, East End Dubs and South Of The Stars.


BMC Evening Networking and club events


Wednesday 25th April

  • Tempest 30 – 23.00                        BMC & AFEM Welcome party (Invite only) in conjunction with Ticketmaster, Inflyte & Evermix – DJs TBC

Thursday 26th April

  • Block 00 – 23.00                        Novation/Focusrite networking event with Alex Arnout (Dogmatik Records), East End Dubs (Eastenderz), Alex Jann (Rhythm Cult), Calc (Novation), South Of The Stars (Deep Set) + Special Guest
  • Tempest 30 – 23.00                        PRS networking party with Tru Thoughts & J-Felix
  • Hotel Pelirocco 30 – 23.30                        Data Transmission networking and club with Waxwork.
  • The Arch 00 – 06.00                        Official BMC 5th Anniversary After Party Take with DJs Eats Everything, Wax Worx plus special guests to be announced!

Friday 27th April

  • Brighton Dome 30 – 18.30                        BMC 5th Birthday Sponsored By Skiddle & AudioLock with DJ’s Just Her & These Machines
  • Dead Wax                  17.30 – 23.30              Hospital Records Hospital networking event with DJs Chris Goss, Dexta and Matti Limitless
  • Tempest 00 – 23.00                        Horus Music networking event with DJs Seamus Haji & Simon Atkinson
  • Block 00 – 23.00                        Sharp Stream networking party with DJ’s Timo Garcia, Steve Whittle and Zoe Zoe
  • Dead Wax 30 – 23.30                        Hospital Records Hospital networking event, DJs tbc
  • Komedia 30 – 03.00                        Hacienda Classical Evening with Graeme Park, J-Felix, Sam Moffett and Disco Tallen
  • The Arch 00 – 06.00                        D&B Arena with Friction and the Prototypes
  • Bau Wow 00 – 08.00                        Wiggle 24th birthday party with DJs Nathan Coles, Terry Francis, Eddie Richards, Magnus Asberg, Kristo & Eli, K, Lucas Hulan, Transparent Sound (live), Da Sun Lounge, Rebel Beats, Mark Collings, Joe Volpeliere, Rob Anderson, Simon Atkinson
  • Green Door Store 30 – 04.00                        Berlin in conjunction with Decoded Magazine presents Alex Niggeman, Alice Clark, Timo Garcia, Monica, Pook and Markus Saarlander
  • Hideout 30– 04.00             Aztek presents Eli Brown plus support

Saturday 28th April

  • Arch 00 – 06.00                        Wonderland with DJs Franky Rizardo & Anotr, Waze & Odyssey
  • Hideout 30 – 04.00                        Drum Safari with DJs Pola Bryson, Deadline and Koherent
  • Tempest 20:00 – 02.00                       BMC Beach Party with DJs Enzo Siffredi, Billy Mauseth, Lee Morrison and friends
  • Patterns 00 – 04.00                        Craig Richards (Fabric)
  • Bau Wow 00 – 04.00                        BMC & Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation Charity event – All proceeds of the evening go towards building wells in third world countries DJs Alex Banks, Steve Mac, more TBC



Focusrite/Novation Seminar/BMC Dmonstration Igloo


Day 1: 


Seminar 1: 


Hitting the Stage – performing your studio-based productions on the live stage

Recent times have seen a shift from completely computer based “in-the-box” live shows to performers making use of the huge amount of powerful hardware gear currently available. Novation’s product specialist Chris “-CALC-“ Calcutt explores the different ways available to create the perfect hardware live set-up and how to realise your studio tracks in the live environment.

Using a range of different equipment from both Novation and some other interesting devices, -CALC– will give a full run through of how to take your tracks to the stage, choosing the right gear and sharing tips and techniques that will let you shine out from the crowd.


Seminar 2:


Composition and processing technique with James Dymond

James Dymond has built a career over recent years as one of the UK’s brightest Trance artists. He has productions on labels such as Armin Van Buren’s Armada and is resident on Aly & Fila’s Future Sound of Egypt. James’ production is focused on working within the box yet manages to achieve huge sounding mixes despite not using hardware. He will share his composition and processing techniques within this track build session (Part 1 of 2 sessions today). Expect to learn about his Analog modelling FX chains with plug-in and how he creates dance floor damage with his production skill.


Seminar 3:




Seminar 4: 


State of the Art Synthesis with East End Dubs

With so many choices when choosing your studio setup, it is important to get the most out of the gear you choose. Certain instruments offer different workflows as well as sound. Even modest systems can have a wealth of connectivity for artists to utilise, and of course can yield interesting results with modular, drum machines and sequencers.  Eastenderz label boss – Eastend Dubs takes us through his synth choices that he uses in the studio when writing and creating his signature sound. He will be showing users how Novation & Focusrite products feature in his setup alongside many other brands, and how great results happen when creative connectivity comes into play.


Seminar 5: 


Mix & Arrangement Exploration with James Dymond

James Dymond finishes the day with his final track build workshop. The morning session focused on composition and processing, this session addresses mix and arrangement duties. It can sometimes be daunting to turn your vision of a track to a finished masterpiece. James Dymond takes the guesswork out of the process and shares vital tips for creating modern, cohesive mixes with emotion. From idea – to dance floor, expect to learn how to get the most out of a simple setup all focused around his Focusrite Clarett USB interface.


Seminar 6:


Standing out from the crowd – Mashup technique with South of the Stars

Existing as a DJ in the modern circuit can be challenging, in this world the mashup has now become king! Novation’s very own Mark Lowes has hit a recent vein of success as part of new UK trance duo South Of The Stars. With support throughout their career from heavyweights such as Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk & Armin Van Buuren. In this session Mark shares the creative concept of starting and finishing mashups. Mark will focus on Exploring track selection, warping techniques, hot cues and detailed automation to final export with Novation Launchpad and Focusrite Clarett.


Day 2: 


Seminar 1: 


Live by design with Alex Jann.

There are many factors to consider when deciding on what kit makes the cut for a live rig, whether it comes down to size vs functionality, or refining what can be done by simply knowing what certain equipment can achieve. Alex Jann is no stranger to this subject as has been making music solely on hardware for nearly 2 decades and has played live acts in all matter of settings across Europe under his own name with travel friendly systems. He has played using a plethora of kit such as Eurorack, grooveboxes and drum machines from release launch events for labels such as Rhythm Cult, to venues like the Get Physical Vs Flying Circus Off event in Barcelona.  Alex will show the benefits of using hardware that does more than one job in his rig, showing travelling artists you do not need to take the whole system! His performance-based seminar will be focused around the Novation Circuit Mono Station, Peak and a live Eurorack system, and of course alongside some all-time classic gear.


Seminar 2: 




Seminar 3: 


Create, Capture and Arrange with Alex Arnout

Alex Arnout has been one of the most significant London-based house artists in recent years. His style encompasses many different sounds, taking inspiration from his extensive record collection and the countless dance floors he has filled for many years. He runs some of the most prolific labels in the UK – Dogmatik Records & DMK Records – who has seen releases from artists such as Peace Division, Jovonn, Maya Jane Coles and Burnski amongst many others. His hardware-based studio is focused around live capture and makes sure that his music creation process is completely free, and at one with the machines he works with, a blurred line between him and the circuits. Alex will take attendees though how he starts from scratch on each track captures the live session and then arranges something ready for the floor.


Seminar 4: 


Standing out from the crowd – Mashup technique with South of the Stars

 Existing as a DJ in the modern circuit can be challenging, in this world the mashup has now become king! Novation’s very own Mark Lowes has hit a recent vein of success as part of new UK trance duo South Of The Stars. With support throughout their career from heavyweights such as Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk & Armin Van Buuren. In this session Mark shares the creative concept of starting and finishing mash-ups. Mark will focus on Exploring track selection, warping techniques, hot cues and detailed automation to final export with Novation Launchpad and Focusrite Clarett.


Focusrite/Novation Block Event:

Alex Arnout [Dogmatik Records]

East End Dubs [Eastenderz]

Alex Jann [Rhythm Cult]

Calc [Novation]

South Of The Stars [Deep Set]

+ Special Guest




Brighton Music Conference (BMC18) will feature 160 speakers from across the music, nightlife, tech and digital industries from 25th-28th April at Brighton Dome. Organisations and individuals include, Irvine Welsh, Eats Everything, Friction, Sam DivinePRS For Music”, BPI, AIM, Association For Electronic Music (AFEM), AIF, ACS, LNADJ, Help Musicians, BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat, Fabric, SoundCloud, Virgin/EMI, Believe, SW4, Defected, Toolroom, Hospital Records, Ram Records, Tru Thoughts, Beatport, Women Produce Music, BIMM, DJ Mag, MusicTech, AEI, Funktion One, Pioneer, Label Worx, This Is Global, Boiler Room, KRPT, Horus Music, Decoded Magazine, Data Transmission, Skiddle, SharpStream, KRPT, GRM Daily, LWE, Fuse, Mark Knight, Waze & Odyssey, Luke Solomon, London Elektricity, Illyus & Barrientos, Dean Marsh, Jules O’ Riordan, and many more.


Author, playwright and musician, Irvine Welsh, will be interviewed by DJ Magazine’s editor, Carl Loben, about his love of music and its inspiration on his writing. Welsh’s first novel and film Trainspotting, having portrayed the subcultural zeitgeist of the mid-1990s.


BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat will host a panel on ‘Drug testing’ and ‘Brexit’ for broadcast with speakers from AFEM and Fabric will join Newsbeat’s Jimmy Blake and BBC Radio 1 DJ Danny Howard.


The UK’s foremost electronic music industry event will also host Hospital Records’ Sonic Surgery on Friday 28th April 2018, which will include a ‘demo drop’ for A&R feedback and ‘meet the team’ with talks and production master classes and a networking event.


Hospital Records are opening the doors to their Sonic Surgery, where you can hear their most experienced drum & bass surgeons discuss how they create, develop and finesse their tracks in an in-depth set of production master classes. A full day of talks will include artists London Elektricity, Nu:Tone, Danny Byrd and Keeno dispensing tips and tricks on how to build sound archives, source songwriters, perfect a mixdown and more. There is also a ‘demo drop’ with a feedback surgery from 4pm presenting a rare opportunity to chat through your tracks and advice on how to get the track signed.


BMC has announced Eats Everything will be headlining the annual official BMC after party with Take, The Arch on Thursday 26th April. Dan will also be speaking at the conference on Last Night A DJ Saved My Life‘s ‘Social & Corporate Responsibility’ panel. He recently donated all of his New Years Eve earnings to the ‘Have A Drink On Us‘ campaign, which aims to provide clean water for those currently living without it.


BMC18’s Professional programme will present 16 in depth discussions and debates on the biggest issues facing the electronic and wider music industry including ‘Mental Health In Electronic Music’, ‘Is Underground Underground Anymore?’ ‘LNADJ presents Social Responsibility’, and ‘Interview With Tony & Ann Andrews From Funktion 1’.


BMC18’s Academy Programme covers everything that new producers and entry-level industry members need to know in 2018. The first panels, talks and seminars announced include ‘PRS For Music – How To Make A Living From Music’, ‘How Much Is Your Hearing Worth?’ ‘RAM Records label Q+A’, ‘What Jobs Are There For Me In The Industry?’ and more to be announced.


Seminar area 3 includes ‘So You Want To Be A DJ…’ as well as an Ableton workshop, and a ‘Sound Healing’ workshop featuring Faithless producer Jamie Catto.


BMC’s fifth year also features the specialised exhibition hall including the DJ and music tech scene’s leading suppliers, technology companies and service providers. New for 2018, Focusrite/ Novation will host the demonstration igloo featuring 10 workshops and talks.


In addition, BMC has announced Toolroom Academy will run 5 production workshops and talks on Thursday 27th April with Illyus & Barrientos, Ben Remember and Tuff London, as well as demo drop-ins. Leading electronic music DSP, Beatport, will deliver its Annual Report during the conference, and this year’s BMC will host a Pro-Only meeting area.


Sponsor/partners for BMC18 include Association For Electronic Music (AFEM). Beatport, Believe Distribution, BPI, DJ Mag, Focusrite/Novation, BPI, Horus Music, Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation, Monokrome Music, Label Worx, Mixcloud, PRS For Music, Sharp Stream, Skiddle, The Arch, Toolroom, Hospital Records and Visit Brighton, with educational partner BIMM.




Brighton Music Conference 2017 was held Thursday 27th April and Friday 28th April and featured speakers from AFEM, Beat port, PRS for Music, PPL, Ministry of Sound, Sony, Label Worx, Live Nation, Mixcloud, Mixmag, Defected, NTIA, Toolroom, Hospital Records, MMF, DJ Mag, AEI Group, DJ Monitor, UKF, Drum & Bass Arena, Loopmasters, Napster, Brapp TV, PIAS, Loopmasters, Sub Club, Clintons, Crown Management, Roland, Anjunabeats, Audiolock, Serato, BIMM, Wunderground, UK Diversity, Native Instruments, and many more, with the conference programme split between the professional and academy theatres.


BMC17’s Professional programme talks included ‘Streaming vs. Radio’; ‘AFEM Presents Get Played, Get Paid’; ‘How to Promote Diversity In Dance Music’; ‘What’s Next For Electronic Music?’ ‘BPI Presents Music Piracy’; ‘NTIA Presents Save Our Nightlife’; ‘Creative Law Presents: But it was only a “cheeky” re-edit? Copyright law and the Remix’; ‘BPI Presents ‘Sync In Progress’; ‘Music Recognition Technology: how does it work for you?’ moderated by Tim Arber, Head of Membership Support, PRS for Music, and ‘Giving Back in association with Last Night A DJ Save My Life Foundation’.


BMC17’s Academy Programme featured panels and topics ‘BIMM Presents: Writing & Producing To A Brief’; ‘Ghost Writing’; ‘How To Get Ahead In The Industry?’ Toolroom Records Q+A; ‘Roland / Serato Workshop’; ‘Why Should I Make A Video?’ ‘DJ Q+A with Friction, Sam Divine, Josh Butler, and My Nu Leng’; ‘ACM Workshop’; ‘Hospital Records Q+A’; Producer Q+A with Seamus Haji, Prok & Fitch, Paul Hartnoll, and Just Her, and more.


In addition to housing Native Instruments in the BMC Demonstration Igloo installation, the exhibition floor featured brands, organisations, and education providers including Pioneer, AFEM (Association For Electronic Music), BPI, NTIA, Native Instruments, Traktor, Focusrite /

Novation, Serato, Roland, Korg, Beatport, PRS for Music, In Music Brands, Toolroom, GAK, Hospital Records, CM Sound, Source Distribution, Ditto Music, DJ Mag, Data Transmission, Decoded, Skiddle, MMF, Believe Digital, Horus Music, Evolution Domes, Yamaha, Steinberg, Element 5, and more.



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