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Since Indivision released  ‘Secret Vision’ and Rubik’s Cube’ in 2010, they have gone from strength to strength creating huge club hits which has ensured support from all corners of the Drum & Bass world. With ‘Duke Dislikes Disco’ and ‘Electrolytes’ smashing up dancefloors everywhere right now it was only right that we had a chat to Indivision to find out what they have planned for 2017.


Let’s start at the beginning, what was your introduction to Drum & Bass music as a listener? Your early influences.

Markus: I was introduced to drum & bass music in 2004 by a female friend. She sent me The Upbeats ‘View from the Inside’ and I instantly fell in love with the track and the genre as whole. Then of course I discovered Pendulum! We still play out the tracks from that era.
My early influences were actually some of the darkstep artists, people like Limewax, Technical Itch, Dylan, SPL etc. I actually did a couple of solo tracks under name Zero Frequency and they are pretty dark. ‘God send us’ was my first release ever. I guess I was another angry teenager back then, darkstep was quite popular at the time too.

Kaarel: The first track that really got me into drum&bass was Crossfire – Hydra. I was about 12 years old when I first heard it. After that I found Dillinja, Roni Size, Bad Company, Technical Itch, Panacea, John B etc. In 2005 Pendulum’s “Hold Your Colour” album came out as well as their BBC Radio 1 Essential mix. That mix was on repeat for months on my iPod and that’s probably one of the main reasons I wanted to become a drum&bass DJ. My dream was to make a mix as good as that one day…


For people that may not have heard your music before how you describe the Indivision style?
Markus: I would say the tracks are quite mellow. There are some darker minimal funk tracks but these days I am mostly producing dance floor (ish) drum & bass. Of course I have not forgotten our roots, so on our upcoming album you can hear a couple of tracks outside of the classic Indivision sound, that push our diversity and show the different sides to us. Our tracks are definitely influenced by trance and house music, there are quite a few tracks where you can hear those tempo changes. I would say Indivision’s music is uplifting, club oriented music. Our aim to keep people moving on the dance floor while at the same time I try to keep it versatile, it’s not fun doing same stuff over and over again! Would be boring for me and for the listeners.
You have done some amazing remixes, which remix is your personal favourite?
Markus: There’s no question about it: Sigurt – Colourful (ft. Indivision & Jett remix), I did it back in 2010 and gave it away for free!

Kaarel: Camo & Krooked – Hot Pursuit (Indivision & Cosmic remix)


For the Tech heads out there what are some of your favourite bits of equipment/ software /hardware you use to get that Signature Indivision sound?
Markus: I use Yamaha HS80m, Native Instruments Komplete 6, Sennheiser HD-25 – and that’s it for hardware. For anyone starting out in production I recommend to invest in what you can afford first and gradually build up as you improve. Money doesn’t make a good musician. Experience, practise and leaning are the keys. If you have a good ear, you can produce with any piece of equipment and even now I use very minimal hardware when writing tracks. Indivision’s early releases were not even produced with studio monitors, I only had an everyday stereo speaker system at the time. ‘Secret Vision’ and ‘Rubik’s Cube’ were the two tracks made using only my old stereo system. Many people believe that throwing lots of money at equipment will make your music better and this really isn’t the case in our opinion. Anyone can make music with very little start up and we try to inspire people to realise that.

For DAW (Digital audio workstation) I have used FL Studio since the beginning, Image line have even noticed our music and included us one of their Power Users which was very gratifying. I don’t use any secret software or plugin which most other artists aren’t using. FL Studio own plug-ins, NI Massive, Nexus and so on.


Gig wise, you have played some amazing events, name your top 3 favourite gigs ever.

Markus & Kaarel:

1) The first time we played in Belgium, it was held in Ghent.
2) Last year’s Liquicity Winterfestival – just amazing!
3) Everytime we have performed in Germany. Amazing crowd!


I hear you are due to release a brand new album this year on Fat Tape Records, when is it being released and where will we be able to get it?

Markus & Kaarel: Yes, our second album comes out on 1st March. The first album was released in 2011, which was 6 years ago now. There are 12 brand new, unheard tracks on it. People who have attended our gigs lately have heard a few of them but our London album launch event in March is where we are going to let them all out.
The whole thing will be available through major digital retailers, and we’re even doing a CD and Cassette release!



You mentioned you will be having a launch party…tell us more.
Markus & Kaarel: Yes, we will have a launch party in London! We are from Estonia, so it’s an honour to do the first official release party in the birth land of drum & bass! On the 3rd March, if you are from London or in the UK, come down to our Launch, happening in Dingwalls in Camden.

Where can people check you out online?

Markus & Kaarel: For sure if you want to be updated what’s happening with Indivision, check out our Facebook page also Soundcloud and Youtube channel

If you are interested what we do on daily basis, follow us on Instagram


Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today and I wish you all the best with the new release and the album.
Markus & Kaarel: Thank you for having us! We hope we have shed some light on our history and future! If you are up and coming producer just remember to follow your dreams and dont give up, even when it feels like slow progress. If we hadn’t followed that rule, we wouldn’t be giving this interview right now!

Indivision Album Launch Event


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