DnB Producer Fade crowd funds for Hearing Aids following catastrophic hearing loss

After many visits to Laryngologists, audiologists and countless different tests. Fade, the Drum & Bass producer and guest on the Drum And HQ Podcast 104 was diagnosed with permanent hearing loss in both ears due to cochlear damage. He has -50db loss on a range 2 kHz to 8 kHz.

Due to this condition he cannot produce or play music any longer without further harm to his hearing. Unfortunately a full cure is impossible, but in order to stop the condition worsening and recover some ability to be able to listen to and produce music Fade needs high end hearing aids which cost 5000 euros. Since music was his sole source of income it has now become impossible for him to collect such an amount of money.


This campaign is to raise money for Fade to buy hearing aids which will allow him to get back some normality and are his only chance to not lost his hearing and his one and only true passion, Music.

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