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JJ “J Swif” – DBHQ Founder and writer for DnB Muzik. Previously UK Rumble Studio Manager, MC on Kool Fm, InterFACE, Jungle Splash, Fabric, Breakin Science, MC Convention and many more.


Originating in London, Drum and Bass HQ is a truly global community.

Drum and Bass HQ was originally founded by J Swif in July 2014 as a research project for a book about the origins and evolution of Jungle and Drum & Bass music. The audio interviews for the book were turned into a Podcast and the rest is history, 115,000 plays later and DBHQ was born!

Throughout the coming years, DBHQ will feature and interview major players who have influenced and continue to innovate within Drum and Bass Culture. This will of course include DJ’s, MC’s and Producers but also event and festival promoters, pioneers of terrestrial and internet radio stations, Drum and Bass musicians, record label bosses and even ravers!!

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