The Evolution Of A London MC: Journey To Alignment

The long awaited 3rd part of the documentary series from Beat Culture LDN  following the life and times of one of the most succesful MC/Vocalist in the Jungle DnB scene ever, Navigator is here. Directed & produced by Jamie Beat Culture LDN, shot by Chuba Chidebelu & Clinton (Project Black Mic) as well as Theon Zander and edited by John Carlos Davison

As well as the Speccy Ranking man himself, The film features interviews from Trevor Sax, Virgo Don, Remarc Junglis, Aries Priest, Spikey Tee, Dennis Porst, Soultrain Locomotive, Frank Topline, Spider Berlin & Erik Wise.





Heres what Jamie from Beat Culture LDN has to say about the project…

“Back in 2011, I reconnected with Navigator after a few years. We met in a pub in Shepherds Bush, West London. We talked about the evolution of UK music culture, where it currently was then and where it is going. We talked about the role of the MC and it’s place within bass music and where jungle music might end up in the next few years. That conversation was the catalyst to me becoming a film and documentary producer.

We then set up about to produce and make a film about Navi’s history within the world of music covering his history from the soundsystem era to the present day. Along with a friend of mine and experienced broadcast camera man Nathaniel Jessel, we shot the film in 2 evenings in and around London. The result was The Evolution Of A London MC parts 1& 2.

In 2014, 3 years after producing the first two parts to The Evolution Of A London MC series, Navigator, Liondub and myself linked up in Berlin whilst I was in Germany for work. I ended up going to a show they were doing at YAAM Berlin Club in the city, where Shy FX & Stylo G were playing that night. I was blown away by their rapport on stage and what they did as a DJ / MC combination. Navi and I linked up a few days later and talked about developing another project. 


With a background in live event production, I went on the road with Navi & Lion to help produce their live show and help consult on the Liondub International brand and label. This led me to working with both on a creative and strategic level. On returning off tour, Navi informed me that he was working on completing what would become his album ‘Alignment’, this was the point where we decided to bring the series back for a final instalment which would complete his journey from Soundsystem to Berlin to linking with Lion and dropping his album. 


We then shot the next part, over the next 6 months in London, Berlin & New York City. Taking our time to get things right, is very much part of the ‘Alignment’ process and this sentiment carried through to the edit of this documentary. 




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