Gamma ‘Long Day / Redland Kru

Having stood for over two decades as a defining part of the drum & bass genre, imprint CIA Records has proven its aptitude for delivering burgeoning talent and providing a platform for many emerging newcomers. Spearheaded by Total Science, a duo who’ve remained at the helm since its inception and ensured the label’s standards have remained high-reaching from the beginning, it’s easy to see why their A&R skill is revered throughout the scene. Their next release is a brand new double-sided single from Gamma, which reaffirms both CIA’s and Total Science’s reputations. UK based Gamma has been supported by some of the most pivotal artists across the underground; his DJ sets at the Bristol based Collective nights have also seen him rise to prominence, becoming an integral part of the nights with his slickly lined records. CIA’s forthcoming single from Gamma is no different. Both tracks highlight the sound which has made his music infamous on the club circuit, through his standalone records on the likes of Shogun Limited and Dispatch Recordings as well as his part of production trio Spinline.

The first of two tracks, ‘Long Day’ begins with jazzy, dark undertones, which are stabbed by old-school rave samples before it spills out into reverberating kick drums. The composition slaps you hard with its cranking breaks – it’s the type of track which would cut its way through any late night mix. On the reverse, you’re introduced to ‘Redland Kru’. Paying homage to the Bristolian world which has become a definitive point of Gamma’s circle, ‘Redland Kru’ still has the brooding vibe which is a moniker for the producer, whilst its edgy drum sequences jut out from its layering. Its bassline shudders with crackling LFOs and there’s a driving motion which takes you straight through its core. Both ‘Redland Kru’ and ‘Long Day’ are a look into the biting side of CIA’s back catalogue. And it’s a back catalogue which has taken them through years of groundbreaking releases, both from long-time veterans and groundbreaking new producers.

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