Jaguar Skills Top 5 computer games EVER!

Jaguar skills steps into 2018 like a boss with the amazing release Levelz (feat. Double S) on Viper Recordings and the forthcoming album, appropriately titled ‘The Miseducation of a Hip Hop Boss‘ out February 9th We caught up with the masked dance assassin himself, to get the lowdown on his favourite computer games ever, so without further ado, lets game!

GTA (Grand Theft Auto)

This game changed my life!

After I played this game, I spoke to ROCKSTAR who made it, and managed to get a job on one of the games as a voice over artist.

I’m the dude who says “Oi WANKER!” – in GTA 5! Everything in this game is perfect.




A classic. It’s super old school, but one of my favs. So much so, that I’m actually a ranked player.

I’m in the top 100 players in the world!

Weird but true!




It’s a classic car game. In fact I love pretty much all driving games.

Some of the Need For Speed games are amazing. But this one, remains one of my favs.

They remade it like 8 years ago – that was dope too!




I fucking love this one. Was super addicted to this. I could clock the entire game without loosing a life.

Super nerdy stuff!




An absolute classic. I played this game with my son for hours and hours and hours.

It’s like GTA for kids. The things you can do and where you can go in this games, blows your mind.

A wonderful example of how far you can push a computer game.


Jaguar Skills The Miseducation of a Hip Hop Boss is out February 9th! available here

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