L PLUS top 10 Drum & Bass Classics


  1. Bad Company – Seizure

    This was one of my 1st vinyls and I was really stunned when I fisrt listened to this tune and more than happy when I can play it out on gigs

  2. Digital – Termite


  4. Absolute atmosphere is hidden inside of this tune.
    3. Noisia – Facade

    So original, so simple and so good is this one from Noisia.
    4. Sub Focus – Timewarp

    I think most of DJs are playing this tune until now even it’s 7 years old. I do always.
    5. John B – Gollum

    After 16 years I still love this one. Amazing dark atmosphere always drags me in.
    6. Future Cut – Horns 2000

    That bagpipe sample you can hear in every club 16 years ago. Many producers sampled it and used after those years.
    7. Pendulum – Slam

    That golden era of Pendulum and those power beats was really something I really feel. Even when I was playing Need For Speed.
    8. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Close

    One of the biggest tunes of the year 2011 and is still really working on the floor.
    9. DC Breaks – Swag

    So simple tune, when I first heard it I was upset why I wasn’t producer of this one.
    10. Matrix vs Goldtrix – It’s Love (Trippin’)


    That was the time when tunes were 7 minutes long and intro was probably longer than current D&B tracks.
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