London Elektricity Big Band – Live In The Park

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In 2016 London Elektricity took on a huge challenge, to step back in front of the crowd not only as a DJ but also as a live musician. With Hospitality moving leaps and bounds over the past decade, growing into a huge 10,000 capacity festival in London’s Finsbury Park, it was the perfect time for Tony Colman to transform his signature jazz infused drum & bass into a spectacular live big brass band styled performance.

It was the highlight of Hospitality In The Park 2016. Electric vibrations ran through everyone in the tent – Tony Colman shredded his bass guitar, jazz legend Liane Carroll and new discovery Emers’ vocals soared with style and finesse, members of the Riot Jazz collective uplifted the drum & bass tempo all led by the never ending energy of our resident Dynamite MC.

The ‘Live In The Park’ LP reminisces back to this unforgettable hour with 10 tracks seamlessly running through London Elektricity classics, new material and a surprising cover.

What was planned to be a one-off set is now in high demand with festival stages world-over wanting to be in on the action. For now we can confirm that you’ll be able to catch the London Elektricity Big Band at just two Hospitality showcases in 2017 – Hospitality In The Park and our Bristol BBQ!

“The LE Big Band show at Finsbury Park was actually our first ever gig. I had no idea what to expect at all. When our set time came around all 20 of us set up, I plugged in and off we went. the hour flew by in a blur, but the crowd went totally mental, and we were on fire. To hear my music played by a big band was an honour – to be part of that big band was amazing. I hope you enjoy listening to this live recording as much as we did playing it!” – Tony Colman (London Elektricity)

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The following tracks are available for download:

1. London Elektricity Big Band – Remember The Future (Live At Hospitality In The Park 2016)  
2. London Elektricity Big Band – All Hell Is Breaking Loose (Live At Hospitality In The Park 2016)  
3. London Elektricity Big Band – Different Drum (Live At Hospitality In The Park 2016)  
4. London Elektricity Big Band – Artificial Skin (Live At Hospitality In The Park 2016)  
5. London Elektricity Big Band – Hanging Rock (Live At Hospitality In The Park 2016)  
6. London Elektricity Big Band – Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm (Live At Hospitality In The Park 2016)  
7. London Elektricity Big Band – Elektricity Out Of This World (Live At Hospitality In The Park 2016)
8. London Elektricity Big Band – Song In the Key Of Knife (Live At Hospitality In The Park 2016)
9. London Elektricity Big Band – Just One Second (Live At Hospitality In The Park 2016)
10. London Elektricity Big Band – One More Time (Live At Hospitality In The Park 2016)


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