Lynx announces KUSP – Arashi LP to be released on Detail Recordings

When you saw this album land from Detail Recordings, you could be forgiven for looking twice when noticing the name Lynx isn’t attached to it. From the outset Detail has strictly honed Lynx’s own brand of drum and bass, a brand which the word ‘unique’ seems too commonplace to describe.


It says a lot, then, that KUSP has become the first artist to earn a spot at Lynx’s foundation, and his debut LP, ‘Arashi’, speaks volumes. Spread across 16 tracks, KUSP easily transitions between a multitude of styles that most artists would be proud to settle on – it’s easy to see and hear why Lynx has broken the mold and taken this versatile producer into his abode.

A Word from Lynx about the album…


“Over the past 7 years my label Detail Recordings has always been an outlet for my music and collaborations only. I have never been in the game of searching for new talent to sign up, always preferring to focus purely on my musical creations, much like Calibre has with his Signature label. I have struggled to find that musician who really excites me.


“It’s been a pleasure to work with and help a young musician grow as an artist and develop his music into a very special album. One that is surely going to turn heads in the DnB scene and beyond.”


A Word from Kusp about the album…

“The first track that Lynx signed to Detail was the 174bpm grime tune ‘Hood’ back in late 2016, at first it was planned to be just a single. But after I sent ‘Arashi’ and ‘Lost Future’ as potential B sides he proposed writing an entire album.


This was quite a daunting prospect at first but as I warmed to the idea I found it allowed me to be a lot more creative and basically just write what I want without having to stick to any aesthetic or aim tunes for labels, this made the writing process a lot more enjoyable and I’m very happy with the results!


Being a fairly new artist there’s no expectations around me – I feel like I’ve used that to my advantage and written an album that’s all over the dnb spectrum. There’s not much continuity here but that’s what I like about it really.


While an album full of great liquid tunes (for example) is awesome, and I have the upmost respect for producers that really hone in on perfecting their sound within one sub-genre, I don’t really have the desire, or attention span, to do that!”


In a time where the sub genres of drum and bass are constantly being pushed and developed, newcomer KUSP manages to traverse and transcend them with ease, harnessing unpredictability and creativity for our listening pleasure. While some may find comfort in the familiar, ‘Arashi’ finds it in the unknown, delivering a series of music that’s only consistency is in its quality.


Featuring work with MC Fats, Rider Shafique,  Edward Oberon, SoulMotion, SMB, Detail stalwart Kemo, and the head honcho himself, KUSP’s ‘Arashi’ shows why it’s worth Detail entering new territory and signing this talented Portsmouth producer. He’s driving the boat Lynx pushed out eight years ago, and won’t be anchoring it anytime soon.

Out 5th Nov

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