Macky Gee & Harry Shotta are ‘Out of Order’ again

This week saw the release of the third instalment of “Bang Out of Order”, a fitting title for the Macky Gee and Harry Shotta mixtape series because quite honestly it is bang out of order for Macky and Harry to drop a mix tape of a such a high standard that the opposition do not stand a chance of competing.

From the start Macky & Shotta welcome you to their dojo where every tune is a banger with special track versions that A-listers can only dream of getting hold of. The running order is perfect as well with both Macky and Shotta showing light and shade whilst unashamedly showing growth and maturity while pushing their style forward as ever.

Macky Gee & Harry Shotta

You may be forgiven for thinking that this mixtape would only appeal to the young jump up crowd but there is great music variation from all sides of the Drum & Bass spectrum. Likewise for the discerning MC lover you will find wordplay gems from Shotta such as “You’re not the plug, I’m plug One and Two, go and ask Maseo”. Harry Shotta has always been an MC’s emcee with his faultless timing, extra-terrestrial flows and most importantly, subject matter and rhyme schemes which why he is “Your favourite MC’s favourite emcee, no debating”.

Your only downside is, you are probably going to have to wait for at least another year for the next instalment of “Bang out of Order”.




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