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Since its beginning back in the early nineties, Drum & Bass has seen people come and go but one voice has remained constant throughout. The unmistakable voice of MC GQ has seen him conquer all corners of the globe whilst simultaneously creating and growing Emcee Recordings. We caught up with GQ to talk about all things Drum & Bass and beyond.

Check out the interview with MC GQ Recorded live on Pyro Radio

Music has been a major piece of GQ’s life for as long as he can recollect. Whether he was delving in to his Dad’s records or following his siblings soul and funk, GQ had been encompassed by music from an early age and was destined to be a part of it. At school GQ and companion MC Det would rhyme along to beats hit out against their desks, however it was watching his neighbor DJ Ron on TNT  that prompted him to get the mic.

GQ’s life in music turned up a gear once Julie Braithwaite acquainted him with Acid House in the late 80’s. Tunes such as Corrosive Thunderand and Huge Fun gave him the impetus to pick up the mic and throughout the following years GQ started to cement his reputation as the go-to host of gatherings which continues to this day.

MC GQ will be performing at Shockout on 24th Feb 2018 at Bath & West Showground



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