Melinki’s Top 5 Tunes of the Year

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The drum and bass scene is looking strong. From the sweaty recesses of the grimiest jump-up raves to chart-topping, ad-soundtracking mainstream acceptance, 2015 has shown that this music has the full spectrum covered. And Technique Recordings, as always, has been up there at the forefront of the movement. This compilation, drawn from Technique’s releases over the year, is here to confirm that point.

We caught up with UK producer Melinki to hear his Top 5 tunes of the year.

1 – Ivy Lab – 21 Questions

2 – Dawn Wall – Between The Sheets (ft. Artificial Intelligence)

3 – DRS – The View

4 -Noisia & The Upbeats – Dead Limit

5 – Xtrah – What Would You Do?

Technique 2015 Drum & Bass Annual LP

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