LOCKED CONCEPT delivers intricate and meticulously crafted audio sequences via MISSING & NEMY with LCKD015- PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE// PERPLEX. Following releases on Halogen and Celsius recordings respectively, these two Serbian drum & bass producers deliver a pair of shadowy and enigmatic tracks produced with utmost precision as part of a continued exploration of deeper sounds by Locked Concept.


The shifting, airy bass of PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE sweeps in and out of the track leaving lasting, nebulous echoes of a defined shape like the ink blots of a rorschach test while its tense, rising melody line slowly emerges to prominence out of this formless umber. PERPLEX broods over a dissonant and erie drone that winds its way through the entire track, rising and falling amongst aqueous highs and an inhuman yet vocal bassline evocative of the machinations of an unknowable mind.


With LCKD015, MISSING & NEMY explore dark and obscured realms that go deeper beyond traditional sounds, returning with umbral sonics extracted from that ether and shaped into a complex and technical release sure to mystify listeners as they look into its shifting forms.



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