Paul Ibiza ‘Junglist Pioneer”

Paul Ibiza is the man responsible for bringing the world the legendary records label Ibiza Records, he is the promoter that organised cutting edge events Fantastic Ibiza, Jungle Splash and MC Convention to name but a few. More recently Paul aka Digital Niyabinghi has been producing “Jungle Dub” and taking his Digital Niyabinghi Sound System on tour.

Although Paul could be labelled as a Producer, Promoter, DJ, Label owner, Paul simply describes himself as an entrepreneur within the music industry.

Paul got started in the rave business in 1988 around the time of events such as Sunrise and Genesis were putting on raves in fields and warehouse in the London region.

Although Paul actually got started in 1988 his journey started way before in the early 80’s in the days of Soul II Soul and Paul Anderson among other house and warehouse parties which is where Paul was first influenced by the Reggae and Soul played at these parties then known as or “Blues” or “Shebeens” (Shebeen being the Irish term for an illicit bar or club where excisable alcoholic beverages were sold without a licence).



In 1989 Paul was involved in organising the ‘Freedom to Party’ rally in Trafalgar Square which aimed to relax licensing laws in order to allow nightclubs to stay open longer. Paul then started promoting the ‘Fantastic Ibiza’ raves in Goods Way, Kings Cross with DJ’s such as Carl Cox, Colin Dale, Kenny Ken, Grooverider. Many of these weekend long parties were attended by upwards of 3000 people and did not always have an entry fee but rather the money was made by donations and drinks sales.

Paul Ibiza

In 1994 Jungle Splash was born and still continues to this day. Paul’s vision for Jungle Splash was to showcase the best of Jungle music much like an exhibition for the scene. Jungle Splash has moved from many venues over the years such as The Rocket complex in Holloway, Roller Express, The Mass and is currently held at Jamm in Brixton, London.

Paul Ibiza

In 2003 Paul promoted the MC Convention event convention under the ‘Highly Blessed’ brand in conjunction with Mc Shabba and Skibadee. The event met with some resistance from some people that thought putting the focus on the MC’s as opposed to DJ’s was bound to ensure that the event would flop. To the contrary, all tickets to the event at the Stratford Rex sold out and MC Convention toured Birmingham, Cardiff, Southampton and Essex.

Ibiza Records

After thePolice attention was getting excessive due to overcrowding both inside and outside the venue in Kings Cross, Ibiza records was born in 1989 after Paul went to the Balearic Island of Ibiza and ended up breaking his leg. While Paul was immobile he started learningPaul Ibiza how to produce music using Cubase on the first Ataricomputers capable of sequencing music along with an Akai S950 sampler and Spirit mixing desk. Soon Ibiza Records would set up their offices and studio in Hornsey, North London.


When Ibiza records first begun they were making Techno, Hardcore and House types of music, coupled with Dub & Reggae influences the music now known as Jungle emerged which Ibiza Records was championing along with labels and artists such as Shut up and Dance, Rebel MC, Reel 2 Reel and a Guy Called Gerald.

As described by Flinty Badman of the Ragga twins on the 2014 “Jungle Fever” documentary “When it first started, it wasn’t called Jungle, we didn’t even have a name for it. I think it was Paul Ibiza, he came out with a tune that said ‘Jungle’ on it”.

Ibiza Records went on to establish a number of successful spin off labels such as Boxbase, Highly Blessed, Hard Plastic, Three Lions, Kemet, 3rd Party, Limited-E. Paul also opened up a record shop ‘Ibiza Records’ in Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, London in the early 90’s.

Jungle Dub

Paul’s latest innovation is the new sound he calls “Jungle Dub” and has been touring with his own Digital Niyabinghi Sound System which goes back to the roots of Jungle and Dub. The Sound System features artists such as Winston Runtingz, Uncle Dugs, Junior Dangerous, Ragga Twins, Potential Bad Boy, Terry T, MC Moose, Beefy and Daddy Nature and of course Paul ‘Digital Niyabinghi’ himself.

Paul Ibiza

DJ Magazine recently featured Digital Niyabinghi and the Jungle Dub sound and showed much support by offering a free download of the Jungle Dub track “Rastaman Herbalist”

Digital Niyabinghi is on Origin UK 1400-1600 GMT every Wednesday

The next Jungle Splash event is 20th December 2014 at Jamm, Brixton


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