RANDALL presents: PIECES Session 2

The name Randall is synonymous with the foundations of drum & bass and the second installation of his PIECES Sessions helps to solidify why he’s become such a revered icon across the scene. Filled with some of the biggest names, both newcomers and those who’ve pioneered the genre from its very beginning, ‘Randall presents: PIECES Session 2’ draws for the big guns, continuing his legacy within the genre’s underground.

From the fearsome, fresh sounds of critically acclaimed newcomer Benny L, to the pivotal Seba remix of Goldie, Dego and Randall himself, ‘Randall presents: PIECES Session 2’ is a wheel of musicality which epitomises why drum & bass has remained timeless.

After the ground breaking first compilation in 2015, which featured a host of unbridled talent, Randall continues to present himself as the ultimate selector with sixteen tightly-packed records. Whether its Jaybee & Trex’s moody offering ‘Poison Dart’, Benny L’s crunching riddim ‘Dr. No’ or the unbridled ferocity of Jaybee & XTC Notts ‘Charlie’, there’s a range of versatility to fit everyone’s tastes. The melodic liquid vibes prevalent throughout Madcap’s ‘Rain’ and the Voltage Rollers’ remix of ‘Broken Plates’ by Randall, Dave Anthony and LisaMillet also adds to the album’s impressive spectrum of sound. Drum & bass royalty MC Fats also joins Zere, Gabriel Habit and Dave Owen for ‘Rollin’, a contemporary jungle hymn which once again signposts the LP’s stellar list of featuring artists.

FlatT’s ‘The Warmth’ brings metallic instrumentation alongside crackling LFO for yet another weighty delivery, whilst TI’s infamous dancefloor anthem ‘All I Do’ makes a welcome addition. Shimon, Randall and Fatman D join forces with ‘Get Twang’, gathering some of drum & basses most revered names for a techy, tightly-knit contribution. Then comes Paul T and Edward Orberon on remix duties for Trex’s ‘Soul for Sale’ with vocal help from Ella Jones. They exorcize a harder edge which drops to subterranean levels following a climatic drop. Margaman and CoolHand Flex enter the fray with ‘Warn Dem’, a crashing conundrum of quickly peddled drums and cascading breaks. DJ Vapour makes an appearance with pumping sonic record ‘Looking Back’, and both Benny L and Trex return for two more tracks ‘Just Swing’ and ‘Short Story’. Finally, DLR, Hoppa and Gusto make their LP debut with the fierce ‘Who Let You In (What You Doin Round Here)’ and Seba draws the album to a close with his rework of ‘The R’, moving an already impressive musical feat into unfamiliar territories.

‘Randall presents: PIECES Session 2’ is an unmissable release. For both jungle purists and record collectors everywhere, it will stand as a definitive output for an artist who’s woven his path within the scene for decades and will continue to do so for years to come.

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