Semitone’s Top Ten DnB Tracks

Semitone talk us through their Top 10 Tracks. Make sure to check out Semitone’s  annual compilation, packed with bangers to kick start 2016.

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1 Semitone, J. Rhodes – Backlash (Faded)

2 Current Value – Dissonant (Critical)

3 Semitone, Coma – Binomial (Faded)

4 Semitone – Deterrent (Faded)

5 Fade, Meth, 2Shy – Pursuit (Faded)

6 Semitone – Wrong (Faded)

7 Quadrant, Iris, Kid Hops – 206 (Commercial Suicide)

8 Semitone – Self-centred (Faded)

9 Break – Confidential (Symmetry)

10 Semitone, Coma – Isolation tank (Faded)


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