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Smooths latest release on Viper is another sure fire club banger; WTF & Revenge are both hard hitting, full on bass assaults that come dance floor ready.  We caught up with Luka Smooth to find out what his top 5 game changing moments in Drum & Bass are….

First one for me would have to be Pendulum. When they wrote Another Planet I was at the start of my producing path. And that track/single blew my mind. I have never heard such a tight production and clever arrangement.

Second. Pirate Station events. Why I think it is a big game changer is because they always include not only DJ acts but also a big, sort of, theatrical show with acrobats and music rocking in the background. I played there this year and it was just on a completely different level.

Third would have to be Mefjus. He practically invented those sort of high pitched snare neuro rollers which nobody had done before him. And his mix down skills /sound design are totally insane. Always great to hear his new release.

Fourth would be no other the Ed Rush & Optical! I don’t think I need to say much about it they practically invented neuro. And are still going strong with releases to this day!

Fifth…could be the first one as well: Noisia 🙂 Is there really anything I could write about them that every dnb head doesn’t know? They are the most intuitive and technical producers on the planet. Every sound they make / design is impressive. They are extreme:)

WTF & Revenge is out on Viper Recordings
But iTunes


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