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Med School Releases -Etherwood ‘Fire Lit Sky’

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Etherwood is back and ready to ignite the heavens with his new single ‘Fire Lit Sky’. Written in the depths of Finland’s misty wilderness this track is one of purest self-reflection, brought by Etherwood’s complete solitude in the vast Nordic landscape. ‘Fire Lit Sky’ encompasses his signature flair and takes us closer to the spectacular sonic setting of his forthcoming third album. A pensive introduction is met with warm pads…

Whiney releases debut album ‘Talisman’ on Med School

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Whiney’s underground drum & bass flare has flourished since signing exclusively to Med School. Now he’s set and ready to present his incredible debut album ‘Talisman’ – a symbol of his dedication to D+B with a strong 12-track collection of dancefloor weapons. The hard-hitting album opener ‘Talisman’ sets the pace with epic musicality, industrial bleeps and fat, meaty basslines, gaining its premiere by BBC Radio 1’s Friction. Matching up with…

Keeno – Music For Orchestra: Drums & Bass EP

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Listen/Buy Since settling into Bristol’s cultural hub Keeno has thrived. His latest project ‘Music For Orchestra: Drums & Bass’ fuses two worlds, pumping rich classical scores with an underground drum & bass heartbeat. The recording of live orchestral elements in four new tracks has propelled his distinctive repertoire to new heights, making an incredible follow-up to his sophomore album ‘Life Cycle’. Opening track ‘Enigma’ balances thick staccato strings, long drawn…

Bop – Not Your Cup Of Tea EP

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Bop stays true to form with his latest offering on Med School; the uncompromising ‘Not Your Cup Of Tea’ EP is an electronic escape into a mystic matrix of computerized trills, robotic drum dances and deep cosmic bass.   Bop has been spearheading the Microfunk movement since its foundations were built back in 2009 with his influential ‘Clear Your Mind’ LP. His artistic vision of crisp clicks, swoops, bites and…

Whiney – Stranger Tides

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Will Hine AKA Whiney is a prime example of how Med School keep to their key ethos – to bring through and nurture the very best in the next generation of producers. At just 21 years old, he’s already gained a reputation amongst esteemed tastemakers, including label boss London Elektricity and BBC Radio 1’s Friction, for contributing stand-out moments on various compilations. Take ‘Komodo’ on ‘Hospitality 2016’, ‘Nightfall’ on ‘Ten…


Frederic Robinson – Flea Waltz

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Frederic Robinson’s second full length studio album ‘Flea Waltz’ is a complex and fascinating body of work that once again offers a breath of fresh air in a world numbed by predictability. From the fantastical pop opera of Constellations to Acrylic’s delicate euphoria, the album plunges us into a thrilling whirlpool of unexpected sonics, arrangements and themes, effortlessly picking up the vocabularies of jazz, world music, modern classical drum &…