Taxman ‘Echo Vibes’

Cementing his legacy as a world-class drum n bass tastemaker, Taxman remains on the forefront with a sound that cannot be imitated. Enter this Playaz OG’s much-anticipated EP, Echo Vibes. Technically focused and keen on pushing audible boundaries, Dominic Tindall continues to stack bangers with heavy doses of his signature sound while injecting forward-thinking ideas into the mix.

Well known on the DJ circuit for being one of the biggest unreleased tunes in recent memory, “Radar Jammer” VIP reaches into your soul and pulls out the animal within, sporting a bassline that thickens the air with ferocious energy. Furthering the diversity of selection, “More On” rolls out a little groove with earthy drums, barking alpha bass and clever ad-libs. The subtle attention to detail gives this track and the others loads of USB mileage.

Resonating with true blue soul the title track “Echo Vibes” stirs up a fun little head nodding feel, trudging along layers of precise percussion that captures the darker tones Taxman is known for. Finally, “Magnetic” creates a cinematic listening experience, embracing you in a warm blanket of synths and enough deep bass to make your innards topsy-turvy. Layer after layer of finely crafted drum and bass makes Echo Vibes EP a truly complete Taxman experience.

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