Terra Firma: Vol. 2 EP

Terra Firma, the York based Drum & Bass label which is rapidly gaining a reputation for quality releases with groundbreaking artists unafraid to take a risks musically have just announced the Terra Firma Vol 2 which is released today. Terra Firma made a big splash when their first compilation release: Terra Firma Vol: 1. dropped back in May of last year. Fast forward 8 months and it’s time for round 2! With 10 artists featured, 8 of them new to the label, this sonically rich compilation is a serious statement of intent from the label.

This new EP offering combines deep and organic sounding music with a focused art style showcasing the Terra Firma Sound at its best.

Our top pick of the EP is: Low:r – Pushing Back The Tide (feat. Carl Petros)

Release date:
16 January 2018
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