The Force Pull It / 2 Worlds

Release: 2nd March 2015

Label: Nemesis Recordings

Available from iTunes

Jay Garret aka “The Force” is back once again with his soon to be massive hit single Pull It & 2 Worlds on the mighty DJ Silver’s label Nemesis Recordings. Having taken a step back for a year or so “The Force” is back with another killer cut for the Junglist massive out there!



Starting off the show we have the big and bad Junglistical sound of Pull It! Mysterious and scary chords come in from the get go until that dark Jamaican voice takes centre stage with the build up reaching to the maximum, and then bang. In comes that heavy low down deep sub bassline that makes you shock out and get your boogie on! Hard beats and perfect precision takes over the track while you’re jumping around like an original nutter to this one! This number oozes shockingly dirty bass tones so please be ready when dropping this one in a dance, as I am positively sure it will get everyone balling for the rewind! Moving to the flip side now is another track that takes no prisoners at all!

2 WORLDS starts off again with those erie soundscapes and dark luring vocals to get you in the mood for the show! Heavy Reece bass notes creep there way through the intro until the drop and then all hell is let loose! Once again hard churning kick and snare hit those speaker boxes while the deep reece takes you on a journey! This is another track not to be missed! A great single from “The Force” to start 2015 off with a bang as we build up to the 10 YEARS OF NEMESIS RECORDINGS ALBUM which will feature tracks from some of the biggest names in the game and including “The Force” of course!

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The Force Pull it! 2 Worlds!

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