Warm Ears Music celebrates 2-year anniversary at Bar512

The Warm Ears family is celebrating yet another milestone with a smashing line-up featuring BCee, Hugh Hardie, Monrroe and more –

One of London’s youngest Drum & Bass labels, is celebrating 2 years of releasing quality drum and bass and bringing people and good vibes together. On the 6th of July, some of the best names in the industry are coming together at Bar512 in London for a night that promises to be memorable.

The line-up will be headed by BCee (Spearhead Records), Hugh Hardie (Hospital Records) and MONRROE (Shogun Audio), while the Warm Ears representatives – Elementrix, Re-Adjust, D.E.D, R1C0 and DJ PD, will ensure fire on the decks.

This year, the event will be the first one of 2018 and as the line-up suggests, it will fuel on purely liquid vibes until the early morning. Tickets are available for as little as £5 and they will also be supplied in a limited number at the door.

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From Warm Ears Music

Warm Ears Music is how we envisioned our craving for drum and bass, our itch to bring quality sound to people and our urge to contribute to the scene which has shaped so many of us. We are home to some of the most innovative names in today’s drum and bass, such as Radicall, Dave Owen or Euphorics. We are also helping pioneer the sound of talented up-and-coming producers like September, Re-Adjust, R1C0 or Crimelabs.

Our game plan has 3 major focuses:

  1. Bringing rising DJs upfront. We understand the scramble you’re dealing with, newcomers! Embracing the idea that there is so much good music out there that might not get a chance to be raved to properly, we want to be an active player in bringing it closer to the ears.
  2. Putting together events for people who still go to parties for the sake of music. We all know that with drum and bass it’s ‘you either feel it and love it, or you don’t’, and we feel we have to give something back to those who do.
  3. Offering our on-going support to the drum and bass scene. Quoting Kasra, it’s safe to say that ‘drum & bass still feels like the bastard child of dance music and the underground side never gets the respect it deserves’, which is exactly why we are going over and beyond to promoting the energy and soulfulness of liquid, as well as the biting basslines of dark.

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