XANADU – Through The Oort Clouds LP

Label: D&R Productions

Release: 26th January 2015

Available From: iTunes

Kicking off a brand new year comes a brand new artist by the name of Xanadu, delivering his very first release on the legendary Dom & Roland’s own imprint, D&R Productions. Conjuring the early sonic experimentation and sci-fi surroundings of drum & bass’s most formative years, Xanadu’s sound palette and accomplished production delves deep into cinematic soundscapes, coupled with deadly dance floor design to create ‘Through The Oort Clouds’.

Full of technical prowess, ever-evolving bassline and drum work, Xanadu’s attention to detail is staggering, becoming the first ever artist aside from Dom himself to release on DRP. An accolade in itself but one easily understood whilst listening to the debut album from this new young British talent. One to watch no doubt throughout 2015 and beyond, much more to come.

“’Through the Oort Clouds’ is intended to take the listener on their own journey through vast, cosmically influenced atmospheres into powerful, complex beats designed to deal the damage.



“This album represents my musical venture over the last few years. Being deeply interested in space and physics, the name comes from the next phase of the Voyager satellite’s mission, heading away from our solar system, and into the Oort Cloud. Each track is like a snapshot along this musical exploration, like the Voyager sending photos of various milestones throughout it’s pilgrimage through space.

The idea to make an album came after a few sessions of listening to the tracks I was working on with Dom in early 2013. We agreed the style really leant itself well to the album format, and it would be an awesome way to introduce myself to the world of drum and bass! Since this agreement I’ve poured my all into making the album and I’m super stoked with the outcome. Massive thanks to Dom for all his work and helping it become my dream debut release!” Xanadu


1) Hattusa
2) The Void
3) Photon
4) Circulation
5) Ison
6) Thermite
7) Axis
8) Ventricle
9) Helix
10) BPD
11) Luna
12) Cygnus


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